Fexserv Financial Services Limited - Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement (Fexserv reserves the right to change the Privacy Statement):

Last updated 9th May 2016.

This Privacy Statement describes how Fexserv Financial Services Limited (hereunder referred to as "Fexserv") collects and uses your personal information and data in connection with the registration and use of a Myney Payment Account. Personal information is data or information related to the personal identity of Myney Clients that can be used to identify or contact a single person. You agree to the collection, processing and storage of this personal information for the purposes and ways described in this Privacy Statement including the transfer of your personal information to third parties affiliated to the use of the Myney applications in Malta or elsewhere.


When you register for a Myney Prepaid Account you are consenting to Fexserv that they may collect, transfer and store information by computers or other transfer or storage devices in Malta and elsewhere.

· We will collect information that we believe is relevant and required to conduct our business. We collect a variety of information, including your name, residential addresses, phone number (both mobile and fixed line), email addresses and parental or guardian information if you are a minor under sixteen years of age.

· Fexserv will also hold copies of, and extract all information from, government issued identification documents such as national identity cards, passports, residence permits, driving licenses and other government issued documents.

· Other information collected and processed by Fexserv relate to your computer or mobile device such as the domain and host you use to access the internet; your computer's IP address; mobile device geolocation; information about your device and carrier; the browser and operating system software you use and the date and time you access our applications.

· We will also collect data such as account balances, transaction history and loyalty program information.


All Financial Services companies need to share customers' and consumers' personal information to run their everyday business. This is done to:

· Maintain your account, enhance your customer experience, validate your identity and manage our customer relationship.

· Respond to court orders, police requests and legal investigations as permitted or required by law.

· To send important notices such as changes to our terms and conditions, our privacy statement as well as to analyze your data to notify you about future events and promotions;


We use several security measures to protect your personal information from any unauthorized access or interception by third parties including physical, electronic and procedural safeguards such as computer safeguards and secured files and buildings. We also limit access of data to only employees, agents and representatives on a need to know basis. Despite all our efforts, third parties may through illegal means gain access or intercept your personal information sent to us or acts under false pretences to be either Fexserv or affiliated to us. In this regard we advise you to use caution and good judgement when using Myney through internet and mobile technologies and if in doubt we kindly ask you to contact our customer care for clarification.